KSI Secures Knockout Victory in Return to Ring, Moves Closer to Grudge Fight with Jake Paul


KSI Secures Knockout Victory in Return to Ring, Moves Closer to Grudge Fight with Jake Paul

- World Soccer Today -

In a highly-anticipated return to the ring, KSI violently defeated YouTuber FaZe Temperrr in a boxing match, bringing him one step closer to his goal of facing off against Jake Paul in a grudge match. 

The event, which took place at a packed Wembley Arena, showcased the social media, music, and crossover boxing sensation's talents.

KSI faced off against gamer FaZe Temperrr in the ring after 2-0 MMA fighter Dillon Danis withdrew from the match just weeks before. 

Despite the late change in opponent, KSI was able to secure a victory in round one with a combination of a left hook and a right hand. 

He stated that it did not matter who he was facing in the ring and that people needed to understand his skill level. 

KSI has expressed interest in having a summer bout and was confronted by millionaire businessman-turned boxer Joe Fournier. 

Fournier, who has a 9-0 record as a boxer, and KSI is preparing to fight him before finishing his boxing career in an end-of-year blockbuster match against Jake Paul. 

KSI said that he needed more challenges before reaching his final goal of facing Jake Paul and that he will defeat any opponent that comes his way.

KSI began the match with a strong, aggressive approach, chasing Temperrr around the ring. 

Temperrr was able to land some counter left hands due to his awkward southpaw stance, but KSI quickly regrouped and regained momentum. 

Before Temperrr knew what was happening, KSI unleashed a quick combination that knocked him out. 

The crowd erupted as KSI secured another victory, bringing him one step closer to settling the score with his arch-rival.

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