Elle Brooke Secures Brutal KO Victory in Second Professional Fight


- World Soccer Today -

On the undercard of the KSI vs Faze Temperrr fight, Elle Brooke fought and won against Faith Ordway in the first round, leaving her bloodied and beaten. This was Brooke's second victory in the ring, with her previous win being against ex-Love Islander AJ Bunker in July. Brooke celebrated her win with her friend Ebanie Bridges.

Faith Ordway, who gained fame on TikTok with over 4 million followers, lost her debut boxing match against Elle Brooke. Brooke celebrated her victory with IBF world champion Ebanie Bridges and their coach Mark Tibbs. Brooke stated that the audience was fortunate to witness two of the best female influencers fight in the ring that night. The fight began with both fighters swinging at each other, resulting in both being bloodied. Brooke ultimately won the fight by landing an overhand right that caused Ordway to fall to the ground. Despite bleeding from the nose, Ordway protested the decision while Brooke celebrated with Bridges.

Ebanie Bridges, 36, referred to Brooke as "the Baby Bomber" and mentioned that she reminded her of herself. Bridges stated that Brooke came out like "the Blonde Bomber" during the fight and that she will only improve as it was only her second fight.

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