The Colts' upsetting season continues with the biggest collapse in NFL history

The Colts' upsetting season continues with the biggest collapse in NFL history

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 The Indianapolis team blew the biggest lead in NFL history on Saturday as it fell to the Minnesota Vikings 39-36 in Week 15. 

Prior to Week 15, the last time the Indianapolis Chicks were on the field was in Week 13. against the Dallas Cowboys. 

In that game, Indy gave up 33 points in the fourth quarter and lost 54-19.

 It was upsetting. To make matters worse, it was Sunday Night Football, so the entire NFL world witnessed the embarrassment.

 It was a new low in a season with so many low points for fledgling animals, and everyone foolishly assumed it couldn't get any worse.

 It didn't take long for Indianapolis to prove everyone wrong. 

After a Week 14 bye, Indianapolis jumped back into a nationally televised game against the Minnesota Vikings. 

The Chicks started the first half on fire, jumping out to 33-0. Everything was clicking on Indy. There was a blocked kick for a touchdown, a punt, Indy forcing a bobble ball, everything. 

Indianapolis was heavily dominated by the Vikings. This led to Minnesota rants on social media. Everyone was calling the Minnesota fraud, and the Vikings came on the heels of the league's jokes. Well, the little ones must have been jealous that they got that spot back so quickly. 

With a 33-point lead at the half, in what should have been an easy palm to worry about, the Birds turned out to blow the biggest lead in NFL history. 

Going 39-3 in the half replacement, Indy let the Vikings come back in and steal the game. Phillips blow the biggest lead in NFL history There's no point in trying to find an individual person or an elected group of people to convict. When a game is lost in this way, everyone is at fault. 

A defense that allowed 39 points in the first half, an offense that only got a field thing after halftime, and all the coaches and their teammates. This poll - determine the loss that authorizations change. 

It may not be instant since Indy has brawled so much in the past, but a reset is essential for the faction this season. Meanwhile, the previous record for the largest running back in NFL history was 32 points, held by the 1993 Buffalo Bills. In a Wild Card playoff game, they were tipped to the palm by Frank Reich, the recently fired Indy coach. Now, the former Reich platoon was on the other side of history. 

The fledglings haven't done much good this season, but one thing Indy has done admirably is hitting new lows. Just when it looks like the season can't get any worse or India can't find a more upsetting way to lose, Platoon creates the wrong kind of history. 

We can't say with confidence that this is the bottom of the Gems because Indy has three games left, including a week 16 primetime game against the Los Angeles Bowls.

 Addicted youngster JoJo Domain scores a game changing touchdown against the Vikings The Indianapolis Sons jumped out to a huge lead over the Minnesota Vikings thanks to a big play from rookie JoJo Domain. 

Since the NFL Draft ended and the Indianapolis family signed JoJo Domain as an undrafted free agent, Domain has rapidly evolved into an addictive favorite. He consistently came as the most likely option for the UDF as he was expected to make the canonical 53-man. When that moment finally happened, Domaine shared an unimaginably blurry photo of him wearing tiny clothes as a child. 

Now, Doman is making big plays for Indianapolis. In the first quarter of Saturday's game against the Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota tried a punt, but it was blocked by Emam Odenigbo and the ball fell through the air and landed directly into Doman's arms. JoJo was apt to return it for a touchdown, scoring the first points of Saturday's game. 

Instead of this being just a good moment for the Chicks, it was actually a first-half shower shooting from Indianapolis as Indy tries to piss off the Vikings. The juniors shocked the Vikings with a great first half going into the game, not many were giving Indianapolis a chance against Minnesota. The Vikings entered as a platoon of 10 by 3, while the junior platoon was sized 4-8-1. Still, it was Indianapolis that seemed to be the dominant unit in the first half, and it wasn't just the field making big plays, the entire fledgling platoon was featured. 

The defense shut down completely, making several big plays, including a forced punt by Zaire Franklin, a vital fourth down stop, and a huge six by Julian Blackman. The unit also fired Kirk's relatives three times. Indy's offense actually drove down the field on a seven-play, 66-yard drive that ended with a touchdown pass from Matt Ryan to Deon Jackson.

 The only bad news from the first half was that Jonathan Taylor suffered an ankle injury and was ruled out of the game. However, Indy still led at halftime 33-0. Barring a massive halftime collapse, Indianapolis should be fine to overcome anxiety.

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