Results and surprises of the 1/8th round of the Qatar World Cup 2022 final after its end, and the dates of the quarter-final matches

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The top 16 of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, which started on December 3, ended. The teams that qualified for this round of the group stage are as follows:

_ 1st place in each group: Netherlands, England, Argentina, France, Japan, Morocco, Brazil and Portugal.

_ Second place in each group: Senegal, USA, Poland, Australia, Spain, Croatia, Switzerland and South Korea.

"The results of the final price round are as follows:

 _ The Dutch national team beat the US team by 1/3, and the US team was out. _

Argentina beat Australia at 1/2 and Australia dropped out. 

The French team defeated the Polish team 1/3, and the Polish team was eliminated. 

England won Senegal 0/3 out of the Championship for Senegal.

 _ Croatia drew 1/1 with Japan, the match ended in a 1/3 penalty shootout for Croatia and advanced at Japan's expense. 

_Brazil won 1/4 against South Korea, and the Japanese team was eliminated.

 _ Morocco's 0-0 draw with Spain ends with a kick The Moroccan national team qualified for the quarter-finals with a penalty at 0/3, while Spain withdrew from the competition. 

_ Portugal beat Switzerland 6/1 and Switzerland exited the tournament.

* He played 8 games this round, of which 6 wins and 2 draws, one positive and one negative.

Croatia drew with Japan 1/1, and Croatia won 1/3 on penalties after overtime.

Another negative draw between Morocco and Spain ended 0/3 on penalties for Morocco after extra time.

* 35 goals were scored in this round...

(Quarter-final dates start Friday 9 December 2022 and end Saturday 10 December 2022.)

_ Croatia and Brazil play at Education City Stadium on Friday at 5pm.

_ Netherlands and Argentina at the Lusail Stadium on Friday at 9pm.

_ Morocco and Portugal at the Al Thumama Stadium on Saturday at 5pm.

_ England vs France at the Al Bayt Stadium on Saturday at 9pm.

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