numbers and statistics: Morocco loses to Croatia and loses bronze in the world

In numbers and statistics: Morocco loses to Croatia and loses bronze in the world

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Finally, the journey of the Moroccan team in the World Cup in Qatar ended after losing today's match against the Croatian team with a score of two goals against the goal of the meeting that was held within the framework of determining the third and fourth places in the tournament, where the sons of the young coach Walid Al-Rajraji aspired to achieve victory and snatch the bronze medal and write a golden history, but did not They were able to achieve this and lost to the Croat elements, who possess a lot of experience, capabilities, and high technical and physical capabilities, as Luka Modric's friends succeeded in kidnapping the third and confirming that Croatia has all the ingredients to go to the furthest point in various competitions.

The match started very well, and on the part of the Croatian national team, who managed to score the first goals early in the seventh minute of the first half, through the heart of the glowing defense, who has a stable level, Jvardiol, the player who has become a requirement for many European clubs, due to his amazing level, where he scored The first goal of the day against Morocco through a wonderful header and a contribution and assist on the part of the hardworking player Ivan Perisic, who also passed it with his head. Immediately after that, the players of the Moroccan national team pressed and equalized through Ashraf Dari in the ninth minute, and before the end of the first half events through a distinguished shot. Mislav Orsic added the second goal for Croatia, in the 42nd minute of the match.

In terms of the numbers that resulted from the match, where the Moroccan team's attempts were on Croatia's goal through shots at a rate of 9 attempts compared to 12 for the Croatian team. As for possession of the ball, it was close, as the Croatian team owned it by 51% compared to 49%, and the corner kicks were in favor of Croatia, where they got 6 Corners against 3 for the Moroccan team, and finally turning the ball was in favor of the Croatian team at a rate of 487 passes, of which 411 passes well, at a rate of 84%, while the Moroccan national team passed its players 472 well, at a rate of 85%, and other numbers that show the extent of convergence and relative superiority in favor of the Croatian team.

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