Game recap 2 takeaways from Packers' palm over Rams 

Game recap 5 takeaways from Packers' palm over Rams


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GREEN BAY – The Packers got their alternate straight palm with a 24- 12 triumph over the Rams on Monday night at Lambeau Field. 

Then are five takeaways from the palm 

1. The Packers are still alive, 

and still believe. The palm bettered Green Bay to 6- 8, which is 1 ½ games off the pace for the final wildcard spot in the NFC with three games to play. The No. 7 seed is presently held by Washington at 7-6-1. Seattle and Detroit are both 7- 7 and chasing a playoff situation as well. 

The Packers know they've to win out and get to 9- 8 to have any chance, but by posting successive triumphs for the first time since the first month of the regular season, they believe they can make a run. 

" I do. Yeah, I do. I do," quarterback Aaron Rodgers said." Now we are going to play three better football brigades, but I do. surely.

" Those three better brigades are Miami on the road, also Minnesota and Detroit at home – all are in the playoff quest, unlike the Rams. Winning out is a huge challenge. 

" I do not indeed want to talk like that, to be honest with you," Head Coach Matt LaFleur said." I suppose you've got to keep the focus on what is right in front of you and that starts with Miami."

 2. The launch of the alternate half decided the game. 

Leading 10- 6 at interruption, the Packers got the ball coming out of halftime and drove 68 yards in 11 plays, consuming 6 twinkles, 56 seconds on the timepiece, and scoring on AJ Dillon's alternate TD run of the game.

 " I like how we came out in the alternate half," Rodgers said." That first drive was really important, seven twinkles, touchdown, back over by two scores. That was winning football, and we have not really done that harmonious enough throughout the season."

 It was just the fourth time in 10 times when taking the alternate half onset that the Packers had put up points, and just the alternate touchdown. 

The defense also responded with a three- and- out, thanks in part to a Rams holding penalty, and the offense took over at the LA 35- yard line following a 17- yard punt return by Keisean Nixon and a facemask penalty for a redundant 15 yards.

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