Football madness between Brazil and the Croats and a historic Dutch Rimontada

Football madness between Brazil and the Croats and a historic Dutch Rimontada

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Brazil vs Croatia 

Frightening, terrifying, fierce and violent confrontations ended in the quarter-finals of the historic and unconventional World Cup in Qatar, where an exciting match was held yesterday between Brazil and Croatia at the Education City Stadium in Al-Rayyan, where everyone thought that the Selecao was the closest to achieving a historic result and an easy victory over The Croatian national team, but we saw the opposite on the field, where the sons of coach Dalic were very balanced tactically and tactically, and all the players adhered to their duties very tightly, and then the Brazilian coach Chichi faced difficulties in disengaging and striking the defenses of the Croats.

Both teams entered extra runs after the end of the regular time with a goalless draw, as the Brazilian stars failed to score against the giant goalkeeper Levakovic, who showed an impressive level in previous matches and even the Brazil match, which ended thanks to a penalty shootout with a score of four goals to two goals in favor of the Croatian team, but that after The overtime periods did not end in a positive draw with a goal for each team, as Neymar scored for the Selecao team in the first minute of calculated time instead of lost from the extra first half time through Lucas Paqueta’s assist, but before the end, and in the 117th minute, Bruno Petkovic managed to equalise.

Argentina vs Netherlands 

On the other hand, the confrontation of madness between the Dutch national team and the Argentine tango, the strange meeting that witnessed from its inception a great control on the part of the Argentine team, who managed to score during the first half through the distinguished right-back Molina, in the 35th minute, through the contribution of the player Lionel Messi, and in the minute 73 The French player Paris Saint-Germain, Messi, added the second goal through a penalty kick, so that some might think that the sons of the coach Van Gaal had surrendered, but in the 83rd minute he scored the first goals for the Dutch team, the giant striker Wott Figurst, through a contribution from the Bergwiss player, and in the calculated time instead of the lost, the same player managed Figurst managed to equalize through the contribution and assist of the Coupminers player, through a fixed kick that was implemented unexpectedly, to enter both teams into extra time, but we went to a penalty shootout, in which the goalkeeper of Aston Villa and the Argentine national team excelled, Martinez, and gave preference to his team with a score of four goals against Three for the Tango team to advance to the semi-finals and face Croatia.

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