Emotional Jakobi Meyers commented on failed lateral throw in Patriots' loss

Emotional Jakobi Meyers commented on failed lateral throw in Patriots' loss

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New England patriots receiver Jakobi Meyers is n’t making defenses for committing the heartbreaking development that redounded in the game- winning touchdown for the Las Vegas Aggressors on Sunday.

With only three seconds left in the fourth quarter and the game tied, the new England patriots called up a running play for Rhamondre Stevenson, who tossed a side pass to Meyers on the field. Meyers also tried a second side gamble that ended up being picked off by Aggressors protective end Chandler Jones and taken to the house for a touchdown.

After the game, the sting of defeat and disappointment filled the room as Meyers tried to explain what happed on the field.

“ I was just trying to do too important, trying to be an idol, I guess, ” said Meyers. “ I did n’t see the dude back there, trying to throw the ball. Like I said, I was just doing too much. I should have just went down with the ball. ”

Meyers deserves a lot of credit for stepping up and taking responsibility for the play, but it still does n’t change the fact that he should n’t have been in that position in the first place.

The new England patriots should have downed the ball and taken the game into overtime in thatsituation.However, they would have been better off calling a Hail Mary rather of a running play, If they wanted to draw up a play.

It was simply a bad coaching decision that led to a heartbreaking loss for a Loyalists 


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