Deschamps: Morocco qualified for the's no coincidence

Deschamps: Morocco qualified for the's no coincidence

- World Soccer Today -

France coach Didier Deschamps praised the Moroccan national team and what they did in the World Cup, since facing Croatia in the group stage and then beating Belgium with a clean double, and the Lions beat Canada with two goals to one and qualified as first in the group.

The French coach highlighted the “collective strength” and “resistance ability” of his team in the quarter-finals of the World Cup Qatar against England and warned of the danger of his opponent, Morocco, to his team in Wednesday’s confrontation in the semi-finals of the Qatar World Cup 2022.

He said: “No one can underestimate the ferocity and capabilities of the Morocco national team in the World Cup. There are few people who can expect Morocco to participate in the World Cup semi-finals, but if you look at what they did, the competitors who were defeated and conceded only one goal, this is not Surprisingly.

He pointed out: “They have options to reach the final. If they are, they have distinguished players. They did what no one would expect. They beat Spain on penalties and today they beat the European champions. All this is due to merit that no one can deny.”

He concluded: “It is a historic moment for them, at this stage it is no longer a surprise, they have had a high-quality competition, you always have to give credit to the team that wins and qualifies.”

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