Clarity of the features of the crazy eighth group in the World Cup and the exit of the representative of the brown continent

وضوح ملامح المجموعة الثامنة المجنونة بكأس العالم و خروج ممثل القارة السمراء

- World Soccer Today-

Ghana vs Uruguay 

The story of Group Eight in the World Cup ended with the crying of some and the joy of others, in a violent group consisting of teams that have the name, history and popularity, and they are [Uruguay - Portugal - South Korea - Ghana], where two matches were played at the same time, where the Black Stars faced Ghana's national team Uruguay In an exciting confrontation full of club and excitement between the two teams, and in the end, the friends of Nunez and Louis Ho Cavani managed to achieve victory with two goals without a response, but this victory was not enough for the azure team, which needed more goals because the points became equal with the South Korean team, which Surprise in front of the Portuguese national team.

The Ghanaian national team entered the match with great motives and ambitions to beat Uruguay and achieve victory, and then go to the next round of competitions. At the beginning of the match, it got a penalty kick, but the Ghana national team refused to score it and the Uruguay goalkeeper blocked it, and thus the dreams of the Ghanaian team also ended and left the door. Al-Kabeer presented a distinguished level during the tournament, and it is mentioned that Uruguay scored the first goal in the 26th minute, and the same player added the second goal in the 32nd minute of the first half.

Portugal vs South Korea 

On the other hand, the crazy meeting that brought together the Portuguese national team and the South Korean national team, where the Asian team managed to achieve a historic victory with two goals to one despite Portugal's progress at the beginning of the match through his player Ricardo Horta, who scored in the fifth minute of the start of the match, but in the 27th minute Korea player Kim Young equalized, and in the first minute of calculated time instead of lost time from the time of the second half, Wolverhampton striker Hwang He succeeded in adding the second goal, bringing South Korea’s balance to the fourth point in second place, while Portugal is in the lead with 6 points, and Uruguay is in third place with a score. Four points and finally Ghana with three points.

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