Cavaliers have a lot to prove on upcoming road trip


Cavaliers have a lot to prove on upcoming road trip - World Soccer Today

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Cavaliers have a lot to prove on upcoming road trip - World Soccer Today

The Cavaliers are one of the best teams in the NBA this season. Well, when they play at home. Things are different away from Rocket Mortgage Field House.

Cleveland is 5-8 on the road, which certainly isn't ideal for a team looking to make a splash in the playoffs. They started to gain a reputation for not being able to perform as the visiting team. However, they have a chance to change that narrative this week.

The Cavaliers will head to Texas for a small road trip with two of the state's three teams. On Monday night, they take on the historically functioning San Antonio Spurs. Then on Wednesday they will meet with Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks.

These are two very promising wins for the Cavaliers, which could be a good way for them to end their road nightmare.

The Spurs are one of the bottom teams in the NBA. They are 8-18 and recently lost 11 straight. This is definitely a game the Cavs should have no problem winning without Kevin Love and Donovan Mitchell.

The Mavericks, on the other hand, are a playoff team with MVP contenders on their roster. This is still a game the Cavaliers should be able to win.

Much of Dallas' success has come from Doncic's ability to carry the team on his shoulders and drag them to victory. He's an incredible player, perhaps the best offensive force in the league. But Cleveland can easily fight back.

The Cavaliers rank among the top in the NBA with a defensive rating of 106.7, and locking up Luka and forcing the rest of the team to beat them is a big recipe for success.

We're no longer in the early stages of the season, and Cleveland needs to start to work out some rough spots, and this road trip is a great opportunity to do so.

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