Before the game: France vs Morocco | World Cup 2022


Before the game: France vs Morocco | World Cup 2022

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Morocco is the first african nation to reach the semifinals of the world cup, how are they doing, but can they do it against defending champions france, they have flair and buffel and zh

amrabat and between them there was bono who had an unbelievable tournament the only goal the moroccan conceded was an own goal france on the other hand was definitely capable of keeping this morocco team from sleepless nights the two armenians were monsters in midfield only 22 age of

He's proven he's capable of scoring on the scoresheet for age Giroud is now France's record goalscorer and can always score from everywhere, if you look away from him there's more to Amberbey what can be said, he is gone, he has what it takes to take france to the final

It's all on his own so whoever wins this game is fantastic like Morocco getting to the semis, I don't see them getting past France, the current world champions, a team full of superstars and experience winning games

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