Argentina reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup with a difficult victory over Australia

Argentina reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup with a difficult victory over Australia

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Argentine national team succeeded in achieving an important victory over the Australian national team, with a score of two goals against the goal of the meeting that was held today at Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium in Al-Rayyan within the framework of the sixteenth round of the current World Cup that is being held on the lands of the Arab State of Qatar, where the Argentine Tango managed to snatch the ticket to qualify for The quarter-finals of the tournament with great difficulty, as the Australian team was a fierce and not easy hunt. It tried a lot to beat the Argentine team and try to achieve a surprise and knock it out of the tournament, but the experiences, capabilities and capabilities of the Argentine players decided everything, led by Al-Barghout Lionel Messi, the player who is striving with all his might this year to Achieve the championship title so that it will be a happy ending for him before leaving the football game.

Argentina won

Argentina started in a usual and preferred way for coach Scaloni, who played in a 4-3-3 manner, and elements were leading the area and the offensive system, namely Lionel Messi and Papu Gomez, in addition to the brilliant Manchester City player Julian Alvarez. Either the Australian team or the Asian Kangaroo played in the 4- method. 4-2 and an offensive system led by both the dangerous striker Mitchell Duke and Jackson Arvini, but the Australian national team only succeeded in scoring a single goal through Enzo Fernandez, the Tango national team player, by mistake, in the 77th minute of the match time,, As for the 35th minute of At the time of the first half, Messi scored the first goal for his team through the contribution of the player Otamendi, and with the start of the events of the second half, Alvarez was able to add the second goals in the 57th minute to snatch the ticket to qualify and advance to the quarter-finals of the current World Cup .

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