The confrontations of the second day of the round of sixteen in the World Cup are free of surprises

The confrontations of the second day of the round of sixteen in the World Cup are free of surprises

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France vs Poland 

The confrontations and matches of the second day of the round of sixteen of the FIFA World Cup Qatar, the unconventional version that is characterized by scenes and shots different from any previous versions, have already ended, as the French team faced its Polish counterpart in a match that was dominated by and presented a fairy-tale level, the defending champion France, who excelled Robert Lewandowski's friends, with a score of three goals to one, and many French roosters appeared more than wonderfully, especially the terrifying French jewel, Kylian Mbappe, who contributed greatly to hijacking the ticket to qualify for the next round of the tournament, where he made the first goal for the veteran attacking player of the Italian Milan team, Giro, who scored The first goal was in the 44th minute of the first half and before entering the dressing rooms, and before the end and in the last quarter of an hour, Mbappe added the second goal in the 74th minute through the contribution of the player Othman Dembele, the player of Barca, and in the first minute of calculated time instead of lost, he added the third goal Paris Saint-Germain's Kylian Mbappe, through a contribution from Marcus Thuram, and in the ninth minute of stoppage time, he scored Poland's only goal, Lev Landowski through a penalty kick.

England vs Senegal 

As for the other battle, it was between the English and the Teranga Lions, the Senegal national team, who lost with a heavy, three-clean score at the hands of the England national team, which has an enjoyable performance and a liberal level on the part of its elements on the field, led by coach Gareth Southgate, where the team dominated the course of the game in general, and this was evident through The percentage of possession that came in favor of the English national team increased by 61%, and England began to score at the 38th minute of the first half time through captain Jordan Henderson, who scored the first goals through the contribution of the brilliant player with a constant technical and physical level Bellingham, and before entering the locker rooms as well and when The third minute of calculated time instead of lost time for the first half, where Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane added the second goal through an assist for Phil Foden, the Manchester City player, and with the start of the events of the second half, and in the 57th minute, the third goal was scored by Arsenal winger Bukayo Saka also with the contribution of Foden to taste The Senegalese national team suffered a very harsh and unexpected defeat, according to what the Senegalese players presented during the last period.

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