Poland collides with the Argentine Tango to win Group C in the World Cup

Poland collides with the Argentine Tango to win Group C in the World Cup

- World Soccer Today-

A few minutes later, the confrontation between the Argentine national team and the Poland national team begins within the framework of the third round of the third group competitions, which includes both the Saudi and Mexico teams, where both teams, whether the Polish team or the Argentine national team, seek to win the group and try to achieve victory and collect the three points, especially the Tango team. Who possesses many talents and stars, headed by the former Barcelona player and the current French Paris Saint-Germain, Lionel Messi, who aspires to achieve the World Cup title this year so that it will be his last before leaving the football game, and the same is the case with the Poland national team led by the top scorer with the rounds and rounds with Bayern Munich, Germany, and also with Barca currently, Robert Lewandowski, who wants to go far in this tournament.

Argentina Lineup 

Scaloni, coach of Argentina, announced his playing method, which is 4-2-3-1, and a formation consisting of the following:

Goalkeeper Martinez

Back four: Molina, Acuna, Romero, Otamendi

* Double pivots [Rodrigo de Paul - Enzo Fernandez]

* A trio under the striker [the skillful one with special abilities, Angel Di Maria - Brighton McAllister player - Lionel Messi]

Outright striker [Julian Alvarez, Manchester City striker]

Poland Lineup 

As for the Polish national team, it plays in a 4-4-2 formation and consists of the following:

* Brilliant goalkeeper Chesney

The back four: Bereczynski, Kevior, Camille Glick, Matty Cash

Midfield quartet (Frankowski, Krzychowiak, Christian Bilic, Zielinski)

* Attack duo [Sviderski - Lewandowski]

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