Germany keep their hopes alive with deadly draw against Spain at World Cup

Germany keep their hopes alive with deadly draw against Spain at World Cup

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Most of the time between the German and Spanish national teams is a confrontation of similar strength and level. Both sides have popularity, value, noble elements, and even have a wonderful history of replicating the World Cup. Today, the two sides tied in a game in the second held within the framework of the Group E round, which included Costa Rica and In Japan, this tactical and technical battle between the two teams ended with a goal apiece as the Germans looked for any positive outcome other than a loss so that they would not be out of the picture and on the competitive stage, But he successfully tied at the fatal moment, kept the chance of qualifying from the group and entered the next round. World Series.

On the other hand, the Spanish Matador, led by the famous Luis Enrique, controlled most of the game in terms of possession, even the number of shots, and the strong effectiveness of the young players in the Spanish team, because this young team The team has its own identity on the pitch. The pitch has its style and is then able to come up with an expensive point, but it ignites the competition to climb and qualify from this difficult group.

Germany drew

The German national team took the initiative in all competitions in the first half, overthrowing the former Chelsea defender and current Real Madrid Rudiger. Rudiger scored a goal for the team in the 40th minute, but this goal was canceled by VAR technology. In this way, in the first half of the game, the two teams ended with negative points, and with the start of the second half, the Spanish national team is also facing pressure. Striker Alvaro Morata scored his first and only goal of the game through a contribution from Barca defender Jordi Alba in the 63rd minute, but the Germans tried to get back into the game again and Jamal Musiala equalized in the 82nd minute when Niklas Volkerog assisted Germany rose to first place at the bottom of the group, while Spain moved up to fourth.

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