France decided to qualify for next World Cup, deserved victory over Denmark

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In fact, the French national team not long ago achieved a difficult but well-deserved victory over rival Denmark, beating Denmark by two goals within the framework of the second round of the Champions League. The fourth group of games, including Australia and Tunisia Arab national team, coach Didier Deschamps took over as captain of the French Rooster. decisive Advance to the next round, snatching three points from the tusks of a tactically balanced European team, with the expertise, technique and ability of its players, he scored against Kasper Schmeichel and then Lockdowns rose, leaving, in addition to Denmark, a tough rivalry between the Tunisian trio and the Australian kangaroos.

The official line-up for the France-Denmark match 

France started in the traditional and usual way, a 4-2-3-1 formation with [Hugo Lloris-Theo-Hernandez-Aubamecano-Rafael-Vara] Regression-Jules-Conte-Tuamini-Rabiot-Killian [Mbappe – Griezmann – Osman Dembele – Jiro], as for the team The Danes were played according to the 3-4-2-1 method and by [Casper Schmeichel - Victor Nelson - Joachim Andersen - Christensen - Rasmus Christensen - Joachim Mahle - Eriksen - Hoiberg - Lindstrom - Damsgaard - Cornelius].

The score of the two teams was maintained until the second half. The Paris Saint-Germain player, the pearl of French football and the genius Mbappe surprised the Danish team with Theo's contribution in the 61st minute. He equalized successfully. Christensen thought Barca defended in the 68th minute, but before the end of the game, in the 86th minute, the horror Mbappe returned and scored a second goal to lift the balance of the French national team to 6 points and put Australia in second place. Three points, one point for third place Denmark, and the same for fourth place Tunisia.

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