England accompanies USA to the next round of the World Cup and farewell to Iran and Wales

England accompanies America to the next round of the World Cup and farewell to Iran and Wales

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Indeed, the spherical drama film that pertains to the difficult and exciting second group has ended until the last moments, as there are teams with big names within their own continents, such as the England national team, one of the teams that has a great history within the European continent, and even in the various versions of the World Cups that have been played throughout history in addition to To that, the United States of America team, which consists this period of young elements that possess vitality, fighting spirit, and even capabilities and high mental and tactical presence on the field.

There is also the Wales national team, which includes many experienced players, most notably the former Real Madrid player Gareth Bale, who aspired to reach far in the current World Cup, but the English national team completely destroyed his hopes, and also the Iranian national team is one of the teams that has a good reputation, especially within The continent of Asia and also led by one of the distinguished coaches such as the Portuguese Carlos Queiroz, the owner of the tournaments and tours, but he suffered a severe defeat against the American team, which succeeded in achieving victory over Iran with an unanswered goal scored by Chelsea winger Christian Pulisic in the 38th minute of the first half, raising their tally to the fifth point. They are in second place, while the Iranian team comes out of the scene with three points, in third place.

England won

The other meeting, which was characterized by fun on the part of the English, where the sons of coach Southgate presented a distinguished and strong confrontation against Wales, and they beat them with a heavy score, three goals without a response, as the first goal was scored by the Man United player, Marcus Rashford, in the 50th minute, and then immediately after that, in the 51st minute, he added the second goal. Manchester City, the talented young Phil Foden, and Rashford returned in the 68th minute and added the third goal, bringing England’s balance to the seventh point in the first place, while Wales, as it is, is in the fourth and last place with an orphan point.

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