Excitement in the first half between Croatia and Canada

Croatia take on tenacious Canada in World Cup first half


An exciting match is currently taking place within the framework of the Qatar World Cup 2022 between the national teams of Croatia and Canada, a match to be held within the framework of the second round of a powerful six-group tournament that includes the Atlantic Lions, Morocco and the nations In terms of teams, in addition to the Belgian national team, the Croatian national team advanced 2-1 at the end of the first half, and the tenacious Canadian team And he led Bayern Munich's talented left-back Alfonso Davies in the second minute of the game. . Through the contribution of Buchanan's players, Croatia then pressed hard until realizing A draw, in fact, and he managed to pull it off before the end of the first half.

Croatia winner

In the 36th minute of the first quarter, the Croatian team successfully equalized the score through Kramaric and scored the first goal. The pressure on the national team remained, and he actually scored the second goal. Marco Livaga, who scored the second goal before entering the dressing room in the 44th minute, through Jolanvic's contributions and assists, ended the first half with a brilliant rebound from Croatia, allowing Luka Modric's friends to return. Into the World Cup mood, from here we await Canada's response in the second half Who has no choice but to attack and take risks to rectify the situation, and he is able to do it.

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