Costa Rica kills Japan's Qatar 2022 World Cup ambitions

Costa Rica kills Japan's Qatar 2022 World Cup ambitions

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One of the most intense and strongest matches, the confrontation between Costa Rica and Japan ended within the framework of the second round of Group E, which included the German machine and the Spanish Matador, the Japanese national team eager to finish today with a surprise victory over rival Costa Rica, costa rica was broadly defeated and It was difficult for the Spanish team in the last round, so the Japanese team wanted to win and snatch three points after defeating the German team. .

Japan is dominating the game and this is even evident in possession, with 57% possession for Costa Rica vs 43% for Costa Rica, as well as shooting percentage and tendency to shoot through balls from Japan The rate is 13 time's, while the opponent and other data are 4 times. About the supremacy of Yari PC, but in the end, Costa Rica defender Keshe Fuller scored a historic goal in the 81st minute of the second half, after which Japan tried to equalize, and then again.

 Costa rica winner

The atmosphere of the game, but failed to do so, the balance of the Japanese team stopped here The third is the second, and the third is Costa Rica, with the same strength, but it is still necessary to wait for the heads of Germany and Spain to confront each other before the characteristics of the group or group can be clarified.

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