Brazil vs Switzerland, Don Ronaldo leads Portugal to the next round of the World Cup

Brazil vs Switzerland, Don Ronaldo leads his country to the next round of the World Cup

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Indeed, it was a very exciting and enthusiastic day for many teams, as many of them performed at an amazing level today, but there were also games that ended with historic results and teams that came back from defeat Recovered to achieve the draw and other crazy situations and events that took place in today's confrontation, whether it is in the seventh or eighth group is the most prominent The seventh group battle, the confrontation between the Swiss national team and the Brazilian Samba Army. In the absence of any response, with the tenacious struggle of the Swiss team, the team won a difficult victory and showed a wonderful game tactically. Closed some windows and keys for Brazil but ended up with a fatal goal defeat at the Manchester Common The United team Casemiro laid the foundation for the promotion to the next round with the assists and the contribution of Real Madrid player Rodrygo. point.

Portugal vs Uruguay 

In the same context we are talking about Portugal vs Uruguay, a meeting that ended not long ago with the advantage of the Portuguese national team, scoring two goals without a response, a friend of Don Cristiano Ronaldo One of their best games, he showed a good level during the meeting and contributed to helping his country skip the group stage and qualify for the quarter-finals. which includes Whether it is Ghana representing the African continent or the South Korean national team representing Asia, the Portuguese national team deservedly performed well in the confrontation with Uruguay. Many Portuguese stars, led by Manchester United, made a wonderful appearance. Midfield organizer Bruno Fernandez Score the first two goals in the 54th minute of the second half. He scored a penalty kick in the 3rd minute of counting time and scored the second goal. The Portuguese team rose to 6th in the standings, and the Black Star team ranked second with 3 points. The third and fourth South Korea and Uruguay Score one point.

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